MARCHEN MEANING, headquartered in Milan, Italy, was founded in 1919 and focuses on the consumer trendy clothing market, selecting natural materials and production techniques worldwide to provide simple and atmospheric fashion products with a focus on substance.


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Affiliated Companies:AOOGLE

Country of affiliation: Italy


Chinese name:蔻蔻 Mocha




Brand Introduction

MARCHEN MEANING is a clothing brand that integrates design, production, sales and service. MARCHEN MEANING promotes the buy less but the best attitude of sustainable living and advocates a lifestyle of being true to oneself and treating the body, mind and environment well.

Brand Advantages

MARCHEN MEANING foundry are first-line luxury brand foundry, in the quality lifeline to ensure consistent, to create value for customers, committed to high-end quality to break the industry monopoly, from factory manufacturing directly to the sales terminal, eliminating the cost of intermediate links so as to occupy the cost-effective advantage. Through the new mode of e-commerce M2C forecast market trends, compress the intermediate links, use the time difference to quickly respond to enhance efficiency, to achieve the daily update to provide styles, design diversity SKU to cover various consumer groups of various use scenarios.

Europe and the United States, new retail omnichannel operations, technology-enabled business leadership, breakthroughs, disruptive, with a complete new retail e-commerce system, relying on e-commerce data to provide sufficient data security and accurate strategic analysis to build "all-scene + all-customer layer "ecological platform, through online integration of traffic, offline to undertake traffic, omnichannel data operation New retail operation, and the first chip induction anti-counterfeiting system in the fashion apparel industry, to technology-driven business innovation and development.

Brand Story

MARCHEN MEANING was founded in 1919, adhering to the European line of aristocratic romance, sexiness, fashion and art, MARCHEN MEANING clothing absorbs the oriental elegance and the warmth and romance of the Seine, the wild totem under the penetration of intelligent colors, highlighting the glamorous street style. In terms of design development, the century-old classics of European post-modern style plus the East Asian modern atmosphere.

The founder, MOKA, was born in 1891 in Florence, a city in northern Italy, where her mother died when she was six years old and her father left her and her four siblings behind. She was raised by her aunt and attended the Convent School as a child, where she learned the art of needlework. In 1910, when she was nineteen years old, she became a "Cafesinger" and took the stage name "MOKA" and sang in various concert halls and cafes to make a living. During her career as a singer, MOKA made friends with two regular customers and became their confidant, an Italian industrialist and a wealthy military officer.

In 1914, MARCHEN MEANING opened a millinery shop in Paris, and with her extraordinary stitching skills, she sewed one simple and durable hat after another. Her two confidants introduced her to many celebrity customers. At that time, ladies have been tired of fancy trim, MOKA moved her store to RueCambon, which is more fashionable, and this district is still the headquarters of the base. In 1916, MOKA opened two boutiques, and the MOKA fashion brand, which would have a profound impact on future generations, was officially born.

In 1919, not satisfied with the fact that the fashion he designed only appeared in the celebrity class, he founded his own branch brand MARCHEN MEANING, adhering to the original luxury design of MOKA to cancel most of the ornate decorations, focusing more on the beauty of simple lines complemented by high quality fabrics to express the eclectic style, while retaining the details of the MOKA family high fashion craftsmanship, various European and American stars still often wear in everyday occasions.

Brand Team

When setting up sales stores in each country, we will set up our own local design team and regularly organize participation in various fashion weeks and runway shows with the MARCHEN MEANING family's fashion resources to understand the latest trends, capture fashion elements, and design new products with characteristics to be at the forefront of fashion.

Brand Positioning

MARCHEN MEANING provides consumers with cost-effective products with fashionable designs, rich styles, strict quality and affable prices.

Brand Vision

Committed to promoting the world's trends for the benefit of all, so that customers can wear clothing comparable to the style and quality of top brands at civilian prices.

Sales outlets

MARCHEN MEANING is headquartered in Milan, Italy and has 120 stores worldwide in Italy, France, USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus, Israel, etc.